Tips to make a Concrete Fingerboard Park

(sorry for bad english)
As you know, I made a park in concrete and the result was pretty good. If you have not seen it, you can view photos or watch the video of the park.

So I decided to give some tips for those who want to make a park but do not know how to do.
Basically, the process has three phases:

1. Foam molding - This might be the best time, since it is when you decide how the park will be. Just have a Styrofoam plates and put them any way you want. Do not forget to put a net over the styrofoam before placing concrete.

2. Cement - This part requires a lot of dedication and patience. Carefully place concrete over styrofoam. You need to plug all holes and will not leave the network shows. After that, leave a day to dry. When completely dry, take a sandpaper and sanding go all the park so that it lies flat.

3. Paint or varnish - You can use varnish or paint. You know it is. This is the easy part and that's when you dream of your fingerboard rolling in your park!

Here is a montage of the evolution of my park:


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