Airflo Summer Tour 2014 Official Video

Shit, where do I start? This was absolutely one of the best experiences I've had in fingerboarding, if not in my whole life. I've met so many generous people through this tour, it absolutely makes me love fingerboarding and skateboarding that much more. If you came to an event, if you paid the money for the admission, if you bought a rail- Fucking thank you. I can't begin to tell you how much that helped. Also, to any parents who may be viewing this, especially to those who were kind enough to give a donation that was above $7 (There were quite a few of these) Seriously, I can't thank you enough! If you didn't know I built the enclosed portion of the trailer that I towed, which leaked midway through causing a hefty amount of costly repairs which were extremely helped with the extra donations. Also, the van got a flat tire in New Jersey, which also was not cheap. Despite the minor set backs, I'd really like the take the time to not only thank Blackriver, Flatface, and the people who run those companies and greatly aid in increasing the scene and spreading fingerboarding, but I'd personally like to thank Geoff, Mallory, and Andrew for stepping up to the plate, taking 2 weeks out of their summer, and flying to my town or taking a bus to get to the start of the tour. Without them, I could not have done this operation by myself.

Also, I'd really like to thank all of the families, and my friends who took us in and allowed us to crash at your place for a night or 2. Without you guys, this also wouldn't have been a reality, because we definitely could not afford to rent a hotel 11 times. I think the coolest thing about this trip is I've spoke to many people from different cities who were not able to attend a Rendezvous, or other fingerboard event, but were able to come to a stop on the tour that was closer, and meet several fingerboarders for the first time. Everything else that happened almost means nothing compared to how awesome that is. I really don't think I can thank the scene and my friends enough for what they've done.. This tour was a dream of mine since 2012, and the fact that some of the events tripled in size since last year makes me feel really incredible. I unfortunately do not know if this is going to happen next year or not, because I will 99% sure be starting my full time career after graduation come this December. If I can take 2 or 3 weeks off summer 2015, I will definitely be doing it better, and bigger. Again, I really can't say thank you to everyone who supported this tour. Hopefully this video shows how fun fingerboarding really is, and that this hobby is so much more than sitting and talking to people on the internet, or having a session on a desk. If you're still reading this, you rule. IF not, you suck. jk.

Keep fingerboarding for fun! -David Smith Airflo Rails

P.S. Airflo Rails will be back Mid December- Early January!

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