How to do graphics in your trucks

In recent months we have seen an explosion of colors and patterns on hangers. I think the idea came from Blackriver and well known riders quickly began to use this. It is composed by strips of veneer that can be applied in trucks, and make them more personalized. We can buy them in boxes made by "SallyHansen" or made by others, with 16 strips of different sizes and the largest is sufficient to cover the entire truck.

So, firstly remove the film from above, that only serves to protect it, and then remove the part of the sticker carefully because the varnish is quite fragile, stick it onto the truck, starting from the front to the back and that should be as perfect as possible. After applying it, remove the excess with an x-act or a pocketknife to avoid tear bits. Push all the right areas for a more perfect finish.

After this the trucks will be inevitably "thicker" and, because of that, the wheels can be attached. The varnish is incredibly tough and hard. It will only scratch in cement or other rough surfaces. Therefore, there is the hint ... good customizations!

 Text: Bernardo Bacalhau


Were can i buy them. Can i get a link?


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