- New Project

"While on the Airflo Tour, me, Andrew Hill, and Geoff Rasco had the idea to start a good fingerboard blog that actually wrote opinions and meaningful content. All of the blogs now just post famous fingerboarder's videos and product/company updates from the same 3 companies. It gets really old to read the same thing everyday (if they even post).

So, we came up with the idea to have multiple writers for the blog. So far we have Mallory Curtis (me), Andrew Hill, Mike Schneider, John Cowart, Joel Hartnet, and Jay Linehan. We feel like several different viewpoints is something we haven't seen since the Fbweekly days. We all have different opinions on things, we will be going to different events, we are fans of different fingerboarders, and we have different writing styles. Small Talk will have all sorts of different posts, which pretty much means we will post whatever we feel like and more awesomeness for you guys.

I really hope you guys will enjoy the blog, as much as we are having writing for it.

The first real post was just posted, so it'd be cool to hear your guys' feedback!

Also, follow @smalltlk on instagram for fun!"

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