Tips to do a good fingerboard video

Edition: Try to do something that’s not monotone and that holds the attention of the public. Don’t use too much effects, neither intros with too long words. Focus on what’s really important : Fingerboarding!

Music - Don’t let the music be more relevant than the video itself. Use a calm song, although funny songs could be a good option too. Some riders also like to use HipHop on their videos.

Shooting – Try to get different shotting angles. Don’t do too long shootings, that will make the editing more difficult. Don’t loose time filming your setup.

Lightning – Outdoor places are very good to make fingerboarding  videos, and if you want to film at home try to use a auxiliary light otherwise to video will be too dark. Be creative!

Tricks – Everyone likes to see vídeos with good tricks and maneuvers. Try to make good and well excuted tricks. Don’t stop triying until it is perfect. Try to be as realistic as possible.

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