Visiting the Blackriver store - Gil Dias

A few days ago, I´ve had the chance to visit for the first time in my life the famous Blackriver Store, in Berlin, Germany.
I guess I could write a small thesis about this amazing place however I´ll try to stick rather to few words to describe this place, which would warm the heart of any fingerboarder happening to visit it. Well placed in Berlin, close to the Frankfurter Tor metro station, this amazing store is run by Timo Kranz (also known as TKY in the scene) and Andreas. As soon as you get close to the store the well-know BRR letters / logo stand out. Even closer, some small benches outside the store, an outdoor Big-Miniramp and a nicely laid-out shop window state indirectly “welcome to fingerboard Heaven”.

As you enter the door, you discover a wide selection of amazing products ranging from eco-friendly clothing by Bleed, to Skateboard decks from Blackriver, and an unbelievable amount of fingerboard products: decks, trucks, tape, obstacles – you name it, they have it!!! Of course NOT all the brands you may imagine all the time, but an incredible display as you can see by the pictures. Besides the shop-heaven itself – featuring small improvised fingerboard spots on the counter - the BRR-Store also provides one of the most diverse fingerboard playgrounds I have ever seen – for you to fingerboard, for free, whenever the store is open! On the shop floor, one room has a huge bowl / pool for fingerboarding, and if you walk along a corridor with a “hall of fame” full of pictures of well-known fingerboard heads you step into a room with 5 different BRR parks and a Game-of-Skate spot. I honestly had a hard time knowing where to start fingerboarding given this huge diversity of parks… I guess I wanted to try everything everywhere at the same time!

There is also a basement you can access through some stairs which has a crazy concrete fingerboard park – with one half built by Timo Kranz (more organic / flow park) and one half built by Elias Assmuth (more streetspot style). Honestly, if you don´t know who these guys are you shouldn´t even be reading this article! For the rest of the readers, you know you´re in for a treat when you´ll get to ride this baby! And I guess because they thought that wasn´t enough there´s also a Crazyleg Concrete bowl and Senges´s Tuned Bigmini-ramp (superfun to ride). All this is full of miniature graffiti enhancing the realistic overall feeling.

«An essential part of contemporary Fingerboarding Culture besides being a great playground»

So… If you ever get the chance to visit this place – an essential part of contemporary Fingerboarding Culture besides being a great playground – you can count on Timo´s great vibes to get you happy and a great service when you want to buy some products. Bottomline… this store is amazing… Great people, good vibes, interactive Fingerboard History… why am I even wasting words here… really… Buy a flight to Berlin now and check it out, or drop by during next years BATH!

Take care guys and go fingerboard!...

Text and pictures:
Gil Dias

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