Morph Obstacles - Good & Bad News

"in case you guys missed it: SECOND AND LAST STOCK OF VOLCANOS 

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the second stock of Volcanos. At the same time, we are also sad to announce that this will be the last stock of Volcanos. We - Max, Paul and Leonie - have decided to close Morph Obstacles as of 2014.
We would like to thank each and everyone of you guys for all of your support on our journey!
Special thanks go to:
 Mar Tin from FingerboardTV for supporting us from day one! Katharina from for stocking the Volcano when our webshop broke down last minute! Pete from The Norwood Project and Kerry from unitefingerboarding for spreading the word about us in the UK! Timo Kranz for organizing all the fingerboard events in Germany! Timo Lieben from BerlinWood for helping us out with some amazing decks for a giveaway! Martin and Dominik at +blackriver-ramps+ for stocking our coping for all of you around the globe. Mike Schneider from FlatFace Fingerboards for stocking the Volcano! Masashi from Hooded fingerskateboards ( フーデッド ) and the guys from MMC for such great support from Japan! Sidney aka Vicious274 for supporting us all the way from Canada."

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