Overhead Video Contest 2014


OverHead 014 Video Contest is open to everyone, age and level. 
The participant will need to record and edit a video yours the most original possible.

The deadline for receipt of videos is 1 to 20 November. 

All aspects are important, recording, editing, stunts, music, location ... 
Recorded in any element or outdor using street video spot will be rewarded. 
but will be penalized the videos where the development of these either in indoor andmodules fingerboard. 
The fingerboard is not a toy, get out there and FB4FUN !! 

- Video 1:50 max and 1:00 min 
- The logo contest must appear at the beginning and end of the video. 

- You'll be using name on YouTube or Vimeo: Overheadfb Contest14: [your name] 
- It sends: info@overheadfb.com, the video link, name, city and country.

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