FBMAG Christmas Contest 2014

As you probably noticed Christmas is almost arriving! And with that in mind, we are coming up with a Christmas Fingerboard Competition. It has been a long time since the last FBMAG competition so we decided to come up with this one! We have done photo competitions, summer competitions and even raffles. But this time it's different. It is the frist christmas themed concourse, with prices for the 3 first classifieds! Everybody likes christmas right? Then why not combine christmas with fingerboard? It's paradise!

The competition is availiable for everyone, from canada to australia. Every information you need is in this post.


  1. - The video has to be christmas related.(of course!) You can play with various things, make a story, create custom obstacles e many more... You decide it. Be creative!
  2. - The video must be between 1:20 and 3 minutes.
  3. - You have to use the concourse logo. To download it click here! (The logo looks best with white background)
  4. -You must upload it to youtube with the name “FBMAG Christmas Contest 2014 – [your name]"
  5. - After uploading it, you must send the link in a private message to the FBMAG facebook page.
  6. - The limit date to send your links is 21st December 2014
  7. - The winners will be announced before christmas! (23rd of December 2014)
  8. - The winners will then be contacted to receive their prices. 

- 2 Custom decks 32mm
- 1 Deck Arnau Espejo 32mm
- 1 T-shirt FBMAG
- 1 Backpack
- 4 Tapes (2 Overhead and 2 Fbmag)

- 2 Decks XL1 (32mm)
- 1 Beanie
- 1 Obstacle (Triangle)

- 1 Full setup 100% Loompa with FBMAG graphic Deck
- 1 rail green


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