Overhead Fingerboards Decks [Review]

Hi friends!
After doing a review of the fingerbag from overhead fingerboards, today I bring you a review of one of their wonderful finerboard decks

I had the oppportunity to recieve 3 decks and I have to confess that I liked them very much. Let's begin with the mesurments, they are 32mm x 100m. The finish is great as the holes for the trucks. They have 5 plyes (as usual) and are very colored and noticeable. The graphic is similar to the decks from berlinwood, it covers even the holes for the trucks and  is also “real trashed”, meaning that is it wears of in each grind made, it is very smooth and soft too.
I highly advise you to get one of these decks, because I'm changing mine! (the white one)

See some pictures:

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