Iguana Fingerboards Decks [REVIEW]

Today we bring you a not so known make like the others although very high quality and... made in Portugal!

Directly from Coimbra, made by Pedro Barros, Iguana Fingerboards has grown throughout time. Here is a bit of information about Pedro:

"My experience with deck began with the skate I make decks since I was 15 years old, today at the age of 27 I know what I like in a deck, I started out making skimboard boards to "sk8" in the sand in summer and with the experience of making those for me and for friends, nowadays, can provide some quality standards, for every "IGUANA DECKS". I'm in love with manufacturing new decks and experience new stuff."

Deck's specs:
- The decks are 5 ply of exotic woods and 3 different shapes
- Round on the nose and pencil cut in the tail
- From 1mm to 1,5mm of concave
- Are 31mm to 34mm wide and 96mm to 99mm as ordered.
- From 1cm to 2cm of flatspot
- Use of various woods like oak, zebrano, walnut, ebano, beech, mahogany and cherry

- The mold is designed and handmade by Pedro Bastos
- The plys are colored with dyes, inks and aqueous pigment micro he use in illustration or natural things such as cafe or gooseberry depends a lot on the wood and the color the client want
- Use only high quality wood glue and he will evolve to polyurethane (for the next collection) to be even more longer lasting
- The holes are made and relegated to trucks of any brand with vertical drilling semi-mechanic
- After getting out of the mold the decks are two weeks to two months to cure (in a fresh environment) to get rid of all the moisture of the glue and heal just fine
- Fully rounded by hand taking on average 2 hours until they're ready for finishing
- Fiber is applied before being sanded again and finished with varnish.

Some pictures:

Iguana Fingerboards
Iguana Fingerboards
Iguana Fingerboards
Iguana Fingerboards
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