Battle of the Beast #3

On September 12th Battle of the Beast 3 will be held at 254 San Lorenzo in Pomona, CA from 11am until 6pm. There will be lots of fingerboarding, raffles, battling and catered vegan tacos. Thank you to these amazing sponsors for all your support. I can't wait to see what sick prizes you have in store for attendees and I can't wait to see everyone there! It's going to be a blast! Please make sure you support these generous peeps: @plantfoodforppl @northwoodsfb @levelledges @devisefingerboards @joycult @redwolffb @stacked_decks @wecadecks @cowply.jpeg @brutalfingerboards @zmwoob @homewoodfb @bawseusa @catfishbbq @blackriver_official @mikeschneider161 #battleofthebeast3 #beastpants #fingerboard #botb3 #battleofthebeast

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