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EXCLUSIVE STUFF This an article of Fingerboarding Magazine Issue #7 written by Gil Dias

Thousands of videos have been shot on semi-dark rooms, too many times with a computer screen on the background, on a desk like thousands of others. Clean tricks. Hard tricks. Super crazy-technical tricks with retarded flip-ins flip-outs. We have all seen that, way too often. What we have not seen so often are unique outdoor spots. Miniature spots that can be ridden by those kinds of humans who carry miniature skateboards in their pockets: us!

Just like in skateboarding, some spots are difficult to ride. The ground is rough, you may have to be on your knees or awkwardly bent in order to ride it. And then, if that is the case, you may want to film whatever you´re doing. Not easy and certainly not as comfortable as riding all cozy in pops desk-chair under some artificial light with a perfect ledge or obstacle. This means basically that there is an infinity of spots people are going to find, and film, in the near future. I don´t think fingerboarding will be nearly as big as skateboarding so hardly your sponsor will pay for worldwide tours chasing the ultimate spot meets perfect scenery / light meets super gnarly trick. It will be all much more low-profile. People will find and shoot some stuff here and there and the outcome will be way more pleasant films to watch online.

Some brave pioneers have already started doing it for some years now. Pissing Fingers 1 and 2 already had that and a lot of other riders did that before. I know Munich has some spots where people used to meet, at least for some time. In Oporto the same happened a few years ago. Certainly it has happened repeatedly around the World, more than we know.

More recently I think we have to admit that among the better-known fingerboarders that Timo TKY Kranz and Martin Beckmann have made great breakthroughs recently. Not that they are presenting the hardest tricks ever shot on film – hell no – they are providing our culture with great examples of what fingerboarding already is – means to explore common places we may pass by every day, interpret them and through miniature skateboarding having fun creating new combinations of spot with tricks. That´s it. Simple, right?

Since cameras have shrunk and gotten ultra-portable (Go Pros and cell phones, for example) there is really no excuse other than laziness to keep filming on your desk. The World of Fingerboarding deserve to know and see what spots exist and what can be done on them! So let´s consider this a call to keep and start shooting outdoor riding, depending on the case! Let´s see how far this will go… Will people stop in aw or stupidified stumbling on grown-ups on their knees doing huge miniature gaps? Who knows… Will there be a whole fingerboarding-while-skateboarding standard of shooting long sequences like Elias Assmuth already did before?

Go outside, take your camera and take you fingerboard. Keep your eyes open for possible spots – share them with the community and share their locations, please.

Sure, decks, trucks and wheels will erode faster than before but who already broke a fingerboard, riding, really? It´s ok, the products we ride are made to endure that kind of harsh out-door street ghetto spots the scene is heading to… And the way your setups will look after they start getting thrashed will be much more similar to the big brother skateboards! Remember to not care about what others (people passing by, non-fingerboarders) may think about when you get doing your thing – who cares? Have fun, go search some spots and get creative – the World of Fingerboarding will be forever grateful for doing so!

Text: Gil Dias

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