Airflo Summer Tour 2016

"After 1 year off, Airflo Summer Tour is back for 2016! These dates are tentative as of right now, but close to these dates are likely when each event will happen. We need places to stay and/ or locations for each event! Also, please don't ask to come to other towns (Unless you're like 30 mins- an hour outside of a location). I have a limited time and budget, and as of now this is the rout I'm going with. Sponsors and other info will be soon to follow, although I can say it will be similar to 2014's, but bigger. Roughly 4000 miles and I can't even guess how many hours driving. You wont want to miss an event if you're relatively close!

As I said, Tentative Dates:

July 15th- Philadelphia, PA
July 16th- Baltimore, MD
July 17th- Richmond VA
July 19th- Nashville, TN
July 20th- Cincinnati, OH
July 21- Indianapolis, IN
July 22- St Louis, MO
July 24th- Denver, CO
July 25th- Lincoln, NE
July 26th- Des Moines, IA
 July 27th- Chicago, IL
July 28th- Detroit, MI
July 29th- Clevland, OH

Please, Please, Please If you know someone in one of these towns that could put 4 of us up for one night and or have an event location (we will have all of our own sleeping gear), Please send them this info! Hope to see you there!"

Facebook event here

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