King Size Blank Deck – Light Wood 32mm [REVIEW]

King Size recently launched a collection of Blank Decks Light Wood and Dark Wood in 32 mm. Personally I've always loved this type of decks, with exotic woods that reflect very well the textures of nature.
The deck itself has very good quality, the plys are well defined and the varnish on the "Graphic" enhances the color of the wood. In the place where the tape goes there is no varnish. I've never seen a rough deck in the sense that it wasn't "glazed/smooth", which in my opinion is irrelelevant once we put a tape on top.
The concave is rather accented and is a wide deck (32 mm) and has a rather big lenght (100 mm).

I can only congratulate the King Size for the work done and thank them for sending me this magnificent exotic Board.

King Size - Blank Deck
King Size - Blank Deck
King Size - Blank Deck

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