Tommaso Busoni - INTERVIEW - 2016

Since when do you do fingerboard?

I started Fingerboarding when I was eleven.

How did it start? Who introduced you to fingerboarding?

My love for fingerboarding starts When,for the first time,I Saw a fingerboard video on youtube,It was incredible to see that two fingers could do all those amazing after some days,I bougth my first wood fingerboard.

What riders do you admire from the fingerboarding scene?

I admire All the fingerboarders around the world,but in particular Mike Schneider that I met at bath and FF.

We have seen you in numerous internacional like BATH or Fast Fingers, how have you convinced or parents to let you go, since you're so young?

In 2014 I asked for the first ࢢme to my mum to go to Germany for one of the most important fingerboard's event which was the Ba‚le at the harric's,She promised me that one day We will go for it.

How was the experience of traveling from Italy to Germany because of fingerboard?

My first Internaࢢonal contest was The ba‚ttle at the harrric's #6 in Berlin, It was simply incredible to travel from italy to germany only for fingerboarding

What are you toughts on fingerboard in Germany?

Fingerboarding in Germany is very different to Italy, Germany is the fingerboard's capital of course

This is a question we couldn't spare, how was it winning Fast Fingers and becoming world champion?

I Would'nt ever believe that I Was gonna be world champion,a[er riders like Petr ptacek or Valenࢢn leiber...It was like a dream.

Did you receive many support? 

I received a lot of support and congrats from a lot of people and friends ,all amazing people all over the world.

You also have been in Portugal, in Pateo and in the Ystore, what did you think of Portugal? Who did you like to meet the most here, in Portugal?

I love portugal,not only for the fingerboard style that is the best in my opinion,but also for the awesome places,people that I found there,Im in love with portugal and I think I want to go to live in Lisbona or Porto, Awesome cities. I came there in Portugal to visit the Pateo (oak wheels),More than a fingerboard store.I was very happy and exited to meet Ricardo,the owner of Oakwheels,an Awesome friend,that I admire a lot.

Any tips to those starting out in fingerboard?

The only ࢢp that I Can give you,is to do what you love with fun.Your dreams if you want, can be true!

What do you think of our project Fingerboarding Magazine?

The fingerboarding magazine project is a very good idea for the fingerboard scene!Very good job!Congrats!

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